About Us

Shakespeare Roofing are based in the UK. We have built a very experienced and hardworking with the capability of carrying out a wide range of building contracts and commercial roofing maintenance services. Be it management and repair of large scale roofing structures or a reactive maintenance of old roofing systems, we handle projects on any size and scale and guarantee full satisfaction with the quality of our services.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our services and the consistency of our quality management system. Our sub-contractors and suppliers are selected from those who have passed our rigorous approval process. The health and safety of our team and sub-contractors are of great importance. Our management team ensures we are compliant with all relevant statutory requirements, regulations, and Codes of Practice. Our supply partners offer the best products and are selected from suppliers who have been approved for their quality and performance.

We have a team of professional roofing technicians and project management experts that handle every project with complete professionalism and expertise. We pay attention to every detail and we have the skill and expertise to undertake all aspects of leadwork. Are you looking for a roofing contractor? Call us today roof repairs services.